About Us

RoseHip Barn is an over 100 year old barn in Thornton, Pa, that now houses “enchanted” painted furniture, linens, antiques, vintage furniture, jewelry, and Tocca products. It is an ever changing assortment of treasures. Every opening and at every corner you turn, you will see something new. April Margera has been painting and “re-working” furniture for over 20 years. It was always a side project full of festivals and craft fairs and flea mkt. Cape May, NJ was also a favorite festival. In those days, my creations were known as “Enchanted April”. Some of you may know me as, that poor Mom on “Jackass”, “Viva La Bam”, & “Bam’s Unholy Union, well I learned a thing or three on how to fix things and put them back together again out of sheer neccessity!

It is so nice to have a permanent address! I am so lucky to have my daughter-in-law, Kelly & her cousin, Jessica, with their “Gold and Arrow” styling sense to give a super stylish look. With our family and friends here to greet you and answer any questions you may have. Come in and see how cool vintage and modern work together. On a budget? This is the place for you! We have great finds for great prices.

Rose Hip Barn is open periodically, so we can bring you ultra cool things at great prices time after time. Check our website and make sure you sign up for our newsletter. So come in, come to a special place, that we treasure, get a cup of tea, stroll through our mini orchard. We look forward to seeing you!